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Which Printing Style Suits You?

I love nothing more than personalising and customising stationery using beautiful and unique print styles!

The first glimpse of your wedding day your guests receive is through your printed stationery...with Peach Perfect you can choose from a variety of printing techniques including Digital Printing, traditional Foil Stamping, and White Ink Printing on specialty coloured cardstock. Each printing style, paired with our variety of premium cardstocks, offers a different look to compliment your wedding.




Digital printing is the most popular of printing methods for many invitations and cards and generally. Most of the designs from our wedding 'Signature Collection' use this high quality printing technique.

Digital printing is where an image is sent directly to the printer using a digital PDF. It eliminates the need for a printing plate and is therefore the more affordable choice for those on a budget. 99% of our designs are commercially print on an Indigo Press. Colours and images will rival those printed using the traditional offset printing press, and turnaround is super fast in comparison to most other printing methods. Rarely we are asked to turn small design jobs around super fast, and if we believe there will be no compromise to quality we will offer to print the odd small job on our in-house professional laser printer.

There are various textured and smooth cardstock options available when ordering digital printing with us, with weights ranging from 285gsm to 350gsm.



White Ink printing is the new black – and we LOVE it! This method of printing uses the latest in LED technology and has a separate dry toner that applies the white ink to your invitations (a very different printing method to the above Digital Printing) - the result is a stunning printed invitation (or other piece) that will stand out from the rest and provide your guests with a glimpse of the day to come. 

In reality, there is actually no such thing as ‘white ink’. With Digital Printing, the white areas of your card design are achieved by blocking out the white area, and printing all around it. With this new dry toner technology WHITE is now achievable!

White Ink Printing is the perfect technique for those who wish to print white text and images on premium coloured cardstock. So many beautiful stocks are available that are not available with any other printing process! Many of our designs can be adjusted to work with white ink on coloured or kraft cardstock...don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure of whether the design you love will work (custom quote required).




Foil stamping is a highly specialised printing technique and will add a true ‘wow factor’ to any stationery. Peach Perfect works closely with awesome printers around Australia to produce breathtaking foil pieces, generally customised foil Foil Stamping from one of our Signature Collection designs. We can print matt and metallic foils on their own, and can also combine digital printing and foil. 

So what is Foil Stamping and why is it so much more expensive?
Foil stamping is a process whereby a special stamping machine uses heat to transfer metallic foil to a solid surface (your invitations). Gorgeous metallic foil in the colours of gold, silver, rose gold and copper are the most popular however we can certainly work with other colours to suit our clients. 

Two print techniques are offered: 

1. Digital + Foil
This is where your invitation has been digitally printed, in any colour combination you choose, except for areas which are to be foiled.  Any design which has coloured elements such as florals, guest name printing, or a coloured background is where digital printing is also required……The next step is for the printer to apply the foil to the design on the foil stamping machine. The printing of this invitation design therefore requires 2 passes through different printing machines, plus the actual matt or metallic foil. 
* We print our digital + foil designs on super premium Smooth Ultra White or Eggshell cardstock.
** Minimum quantities apply. 

2. Foil only
This is where your invitation is printed on either a white or coloured premium cardstock in your chosen foil colour.  Super popular for printing on darker coloured cardstock such as black, navy or charcoal, as the foil colour does not change based on the colour of paper on which you are printing and will essentially “pop”.
* Various cardstock options are available up to a 600gsm.
** Minimum quantity for foil only is 50 pieces.